About Silver Octopus

Who are we

We are a Group of Professionals in the Marine, Procurement, and Customer Services Industries that helps Vessels and Owners to achieve exceptional results all around the World

Our strategic alliances allow us to offer you the extra mile as a Ship Supplier necessary to find and apply practical solutions to your needs. We know that our company’s greatness comes from our human resources, from warehouse staff to delivery drivers, we lookout for all of our crew. Sure, we have high standards for our employees and Partners, we want to be a company that you are proud to be a part of. We pride ourselves on making ethical choices the center of our business plan.

We look forward to serving you!!

Board of Directors


To Support our Clients operations around the world’s Ports, with a personalized and efficient service adapted to your Vessels, Captains and Crews, generating experience according to your expectations.


Reinforce our position on the Merchant Maritime Transportation Provisioning and its auxiliary industries as a leading company with quality Products and Services.