Our Services

Fresh Provisions

Acting as an International Ship Supplier, our worldwide partners maintain a vast ranges of frozen meats, fish, dairy, fresh can be dispatched to any port at short notice. A complete understanding to the diverse nature of crew’s nationalities is vital and this is why at SO we stock goods from worldwide sources to satisfy every need. The best quality at the best price. 

asparagus, steak, veal steak

Bonded Stores

From our bonded warehouses we export a comprehensive range of beers, wines, spirits, cigarettes, tobacco, confectionery and duty-free goods to commercial shipping, cruise & ferry companies and offshore rigs.


Because we understand the importance of your crew, we offer in most of our Port (where is allowed by local Laws) Pharmacy and doctor on board Services, we can work together with your Agent or separately also please feel free to request any special crew services.

Spare Parts & Repairs

Please let us know in advance of any Spare Part, we will have it waiting for your good Vessel at its next berth, need a repair? we will find the right fix.


We know the importance of maintaining and taking care of every cleaning and catering requirement on a ship is a priority to preserving a healthy vessel and crew., Chemicals, Clothing, Kitchen Equipment, Bedding, cleaning materials are all from our worldwide warehouses and if we don’t have we will find for you.

DECK & Engine

Our list is endless, we supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of technical, industrial and navigation stores for the marine market, from mooring rope and wires to marine paints and tools, to electrical spares and instruments.

Bilges/ Sludge/ Slops/ Garbage Disposal

The discharge of all garbage into the sea is prohibited, ships produce different types of waste by-products, our team comes alongside the vessels for bilge water, slops, sludge, waste oil, and garbage collection, providing a valid MARPOL certificate to be issued after successful removal.